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”Lore McSpadden is an unusually well qualified personal trainer. I’m a woman in her 70s with nothing seriously wrong but the usual age-related assortment of arthritic pains and neuropathies. Since I have been seeing Lore twice a week I have felt more energetic and notice that I am moving in a way that is far better for my body. I have a rogue trapezius that can easily go into a painful, multi-day spasm, and Lore is working with me to develop the other muscles in that area to pull more of the weight.

Lore’s solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology is enhanced by her history of working as a healthcare aide with older adults. When something goes wrong - for example, I recently had a fall that left me with bruised ribs - they are unflappable, adjusting the lesson plan to restore and strengthen. And speaking of the lesson plan, Lore never phones it in. They always have a clear, well-reasoned outline for what we will do, but are fully capable of adjusting it on the fly when necessary.

What this means to me is that I know Lore will always have my back (and my trapezius) no matter what may happen to my health in the future. That means a lot.”

- Chris Pulleyn LMFT


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