Lore McSpadden (They/Them/Theirs)

I am a proudly fat non-binary trans person (pronouns: they/them) who has dedicated my life to:

  • helping people develop celebratory, safe, and sustainable movement practices,

  • providing engaging and empowering presentations regarding how to shape a world that honors body diversity,

  • providing consultation services to businesses, organizations, and fitness facilities that are interested in improving their accessibility and diversity, and

  • facilitating conversations regarding fat acceptance, trans inclusion, and intersectionality.

I am excited to help you use curiosity and radical acceptance as tools towards discovering your fullest potential!


  • Private training (one-on-one and two-on-one)

  • Online training

  • Individualized goal-specific programming

  • Help for trans people who want to use movement/training to enable their bodies to more accurately reflect their true selves

  • Fat-acceptant/HAES/weight-neutral approach to movement and training



  • ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer (ACSM-CIFT)

  • Trauma-Informed Fitness Professional

  • Body Positive Fitness Alliance Affiliated Professional

  • Autism Fitness Level 1

  • Flexible Steel Instructor

  • Oldetime Strongman University Alumnus

  • First Aid/CPR/AED

  • Certified Safe Zone Trainer


Christine Walker (She/HEr/Hers)

Christine is a very proud and loud fat femme who is passionate about creating safe spaces for marginalized folks who are not welcome and shamed in traditional gym spaces. She specializes in the combat sports, running, and strength/movement training. Christine uses these skills to bring her clients to a place of joy and reclamation of power in their body.


  • Personal training 1:1

  • Small Group training 2:1. 3:1 4:1

  • Group Movement Classes

  • MMA Conditioning Level 1 and 2 small group

  • Boxing Small group

  • Kickboxing Small group

  • Fat-acceptant/HAES/weight-neutral approach to movement and training






  • AEA Certified

  • Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor

  • First Aid/CPR/AED

  • Certified Safe Zone Trainer


Chris Thompson (HE/HIm/his)

Chris Thompson has been training Capoeira since his arrival to Rochester in 2008. He has always been under the tutelage of Contra-Mestre Carcará of Academia com Expressão, a Capoeira Mandinga Academy. Chris has earned (and continues to earn) the rank Of Monitor. He is terrible at roller skating


  • Capoeira Group Movement Classes for all levels

  • 1:1 Capoeira sessions



Jenna is the founder of Body Love Yoga. She is a Curvy Yoga certified yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance and a member of the Yoga Service Coalition.

Jenna is a creator and singer, an educator. If the topic is within sexuality, self-care, health at every size, reproductive health – you name it, she has written the curriculum, made the sign-in sheets, and welcomed the group. Jenna love creating brave spaces for people to learn and love.

“After many years of dieting, disordered eating and just putting off life I realized it was time to start embracing the body I was living with. I also wanted to inhabit my body, like really really be in my body. Yoga helped me embrace my body, connect with my body and repair my relationship with my body. Yoga changed my life and  I want to help you realize your worth, feel good in your body and find relaxation no matter your size by sharing yoga with you.”



  • Curvy Yoga Group Movement Classes




Liana (she/her) is a NASM-Certified personal trainer and Rochester native. She has approximately five years of experience as a running coach, and specializes in working with novice runners and children. Liana will be available for 1 on 1 training here at Positive Force Movement.

“ Fitness isn't just sports. Fitness is finding ways to make life more fun and livable. It's making connections and figuring out what makes you feel alive. There are health benefits far beyond the physical when someone is confident, informed, and involved in their training. That's why inclusive and accessible practices are vital to our communities. Positive Force Movement prioritizes these aspects of fitness, and will hopefully set a precedent for the future of the field “


  • 1:1 personal training

  • 1:1 coaching for runners

  • Small group training for ASL users

  • Small group training for ASL interpreters

  • Group Movement Classes



  • CPR/AED and First Aid

Sarah Pic.jpg


Sarah Yannello 200 hour RYT, Yoga Ed pre-K through 12 and Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, 36 hour Relax and Renew restorative yoga trained (awaiting certificate)

Sarah attended her first yoga class in Manhattan in 2000, while working as a Marketing Assistant for a publishing house. She discovered a profound connection with herself on the mat that first time and has continued her practice over the years as she has traveled, changed career paths, married and become a mother. Yoga has allowed her to see growth in all aspects of her life. She has found that through the evolution of her yoga practice, her ability to rise to challenges and accept difficult moments have increased along with her self-awareness and self-acceptance.

In 2015, Sarah continued her yoga journey with a 200 hour teacher training at Inspire Yoga led by Aimee Conners. The opportunity to acquire certifications through Yoga Ed with 95 hours of training in K-12 as well as trauma-informed yoga has opened her mind to being of service to others through yoga.

Sarah offers yoga classes encouraging the use of props in order to allow your body to find the best version of the poses in each moment.

“Positive Force Movement is a space that empowers, enlightens, and enriches our lives! I am honored to be a part of this inclusive community and excited to grow with our clients and friends as we build this much-needed space “


  • 1:1 Yoga Instruction

  • Group Yoga/Restorative Yoga Classes

  • 1:1 Reiki sessions

  • Group Reiki and Yoga



  • : 200 Hour RYT

  • 95 Hour k-12 & Trauma Informed Yoga with Yoga Ed

  • 36 Hour Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga (awaiting cert)

  • Level 1 Reiki


Martissa Williams (she/Her/Hers):

Martissa is a full-time student in love, life and pain. While studying Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at the University of Rochester, Martissa fell deeply in love with Yogic Philosophy and the physical practice of asana. Fascinated with social and spiritual liberation, Martissa became a 200 RYT (registered yoga teacher) and set out to assist her community in their own liberation efforts


  • Yoga group classes


  • CPR

  • Yoga For a Good Hood 200hr RYT certification


Leonte Tay Paul (She/Her/Hers)

She's not dramatic, she's very dynamic!

Dance is a universal language, and everyone can do it! Leonte' enjoys teaching dance because she loves seeing people moving and she loves sharing the feeling of happiness that is experienced on the dance floor. Her happy hour is a positive reinforcement of owning one's newfound concept of happiness blended with an opportunity to try new fun movement!

As Leonte or affectionately known as Tay Tay helps others work out with a fitness lead dance class, Tay is also on the continuous journey of positive body images and challenging her definition of "fat". Where you can move and have a loving relationship with your body! Fitness is a state of mind, body and soul, which is the mission of her up and coming traveling group exercise instructor business, Get Right! Fitness, where getting Right isn't just the physical, but all that encompasses what it takes to be you! Leonte is a professional nurse,(RN) with Bachelor's Degree. She is also a licensed Zumba, instructor and is CPR and AED certified.


  • Group Movement Classes


  • Licensed Zumba Instructor

  • CPR/AED Certified.


Peggy Norwood Stella, M.A. (She/Her/HERS)

From gymnastics competitor and coach to creating and teaching Gemnastics, Peggy has a passion for the human body, in form and in motion. She holds a Masters Degree in Health and Human Performance, having studied both exercise physiology and biomechanics. She applies her knowledge and 40 years of experience to help her students move with greater ease and freedom. Her priority is to promote feelings of safety in moving the body, without fear of judgment, failure, or injury.

 Peggy has been certified* to lead and teach a wide variety of movement experiences including aerobics, Pilates and strength training. She teaches and believes in finding joy in moving your body, that physical fitness simply enhances your ability to have fun doing what you love and enjoy. Peggy finds her joy in dance, having trained and competed extensively in International Latin. She also carries a lifetime love and passion for horses. Her equine friend Dill, a 15 year old Appaloosa, lives in nearby Honeoye Falls.

As fitness director for several prominent residential weight loss centers which included Duke Diet & Fitness, Pritikin Longevity Center, and Structure House, she witnessed the suffering caused by the belief that “thin” is the only socially acceptable way to have a body. Unable to continue to support diet culture, she knew she could no longer be a part of the diet industry and walked away in 2011 with the strong conviction that the focus on body weight is misdirected and causes more harm than good in promoting healthy bodies and minds.

 Her experience with the diet and fitness industry brings her to the conclusion that managing energy is far more important than managing weight, leading to the development of the concept of A New BMI: Body Mind Intelligence. The relationship between mind and body has far greater impact on health and well-being than any relationship between height and weight.

Every session with Peggy is approached with a sense of curiosity and play. Her classes are fun and informative, by design, offering an embodied approach to physical fitness, one that builds trust and confidence while reducing tension and correcting imbalances to allow for greater freedom and ease of movement.


  • 1:1 personal training

  • Small group personal training

  • Group Movement Classes


  • American College of Sports Medicine, Exercise Specialist

  • American Council on Exercise, Aerobics Instructor

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Aquatic Exercise Association, Water Aerobics Instructor

  • Physical Mind Institute, Pilates Instructor

  • Advantage Ranch Institute, Equine Interactive Coaching


  • First Aid


Roseanne DiMaria (She/Her/Hers)

Roseanne has been a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012. After working in a Juvenile Detention Center for over 10 years, she needed to find another way to help and nurture people. Her love of dance, exercise, and the overall magnificence of the human body brought her to massage therapy.

Roseanne believes that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. Massage should not be considered a luxury reserved only for super models who are surrounded by lit candles floating on lily pads. Roseanne wants everyone to feel safe and cared for.

Her approach to massage is simple: What does your body need at that moment? You are in charge. Do you need to relax? Do you have a specific area that needs to be worked on? Overall deep work? We work together. Crying, laughing, and swearing are always welcomed. Be yourself.

And rest assured....Roseanne has never used flammable lily pads.





  • Complimentary Kisses

  • Loving and usually unwarranted foot licking

  • Fluffy cuddles

  • Advanced recovery methods and training

  • Advanced barking skills

  • Supportive positive encouragement skills