El Belden Memorial Scholarship Fund


El Belden Memorial Scholarship Fund

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It is with a very heavy heart that we share that a dear friend of one of our owners (a friend who was also a student at Positive Force Movement) passed away unexpectedly yesterday due to unanticipated complications connected to a surgery related to their gender affirmation process.

Many of you already know that we have a modest scholarship fund that we use to provide pay-what-you-can services to those who otherwise couldn't afford them, with priority given to trans and queer folks and People of Color.

We will be renaming this scholarship fund: it will henceforth be the El Belden Memorial Fund.

Donations to the scholarship fund will also be accepted. 
Paypal: positiveforcestrength [at] gmail [dot] com 
Venmo: @lore-mcspadden

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