Personal and Small Group Training


Looking to get started with one of our amazing personal trainers in a 1:1 setting!?

We don’t believe in “minimum” session purchases or mandatory length of time with our trainers. We want you to keep coming because YOU want to. This is the perfect package to start out and see if 1:1 personal training is for you or if you are looking to brush up on some skills!

This package includes a 60 minute consult and movement assessment so your trainer can program what is right for YOU, and (3) 60 minute sessions!

Personal Trainers accepting new clients:

Liana Altieri (She/Her/Hers)

Doug Long (He/Him/His)

Other Coaches:

Sarah Yanell0 (She/Her/Hers): Yoga 1:1

Chris Thompson (He/Him/His): Capoeira 1:1




Sundays 4pm

The origin of capoeira is debated; some say it was developed in central Africa and migrated to Brazil with those captured and enslaved, others say it was developed IN Brazil by enslaved Africans. Either way, it is a martial art first practiced by Brazil’s enslaved, used to escape their chains and evade future capture as they lived free. Knowing that any subjugated person practicing a martial art would mean certain death, practitioners included elements of dance to disguise their movements. We don’t “spar” in capoeira; we play. We don’t have “opponents”; we have partners. Additionally, we sing and play music to drive and complement the games. Capoeira was illegal even after slavery’s abolition in 1888, punishable by death. It wasn’t until the early 20th Century that it became legal and the first academies opened publicly. Today, capoeira has spread to all continents except Antarctica, and it welcomes people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, and physical abilities.

No matter what your ability is, it is important to be comfortable while training capoeira. You will be stretching and bending in ways you didn’t realize you could, including going upside down and backwards. With that in mind, dress as comfortably as you see fit for inversions and stretches.

MMA level 1.jpg

MMA Conditioning with Christine


Sundays 1pm

Create your own Small Group!

Is there something you and other folks want to focus on!

We offer 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 custom small group options also!

Prices for Create You Own Small Group

2:1 $35 per person/session

3:1 $25 per person/session

4:1 $20 per person/session


BOxing with Christine


Saturdays 9:45am