Personal and Small Group Training


Looking to get started with one of our amazing personal trainers in a 1:1 setting!?

We don’t believe in “minimum” session purchases or mandatory length of time with our trainers. We want you to keep coming because YOU want to. This is the perfect package to start out and see if 1:1 personal training is for you or if you are looking to brush up on some skills!

This package includes a 60 minute consult and movement assessment so your trainer can program what is right for YOU, and (3) 60 minute sessions!

Personal Trainers accepting new clients:

Liana Altieri (She/Her/Hers)

Doug Long (He/Him/His)

Other Coaches:

Sarah Yanell0 (She/Her/Hers): Yoga 1:1

Chris Thompson (He/Him/His): Capoeira 1:1


Strength and Conditioning for Runners with Liana

This class is intended to supplement your running program. The cross-training done here will help develop you into a well-rounded runner and reduce risk of injury.


MMA Conditioning with Christine

Create your own Small Group!

Is there something you and other folks want to focus on!

We offer 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 custom small group options also!

Prices for Create You Own Small Group

2:1 $35 per person/session

3:1 $25 per person/session

4:1 $20 per person/session