Who is Lore MCSpadden?

A motivational speaker, performing strength artist, and personal trainer who believes that ALL people deserve to have safe, flourishing relationships with their bodies.


I am a proudly fat non-binary trans person (pronouns: they/them) who has dedicated my life to:

  • helping people develop celebratory, safe, and sustainable movement practices,

  • providing engaging and empowering presentations regarding how to shape a world that honors body diversity,

  • providing consultation services to businesses, organizations, and fitness facilities that are interested in improving their accessibility and diversity, and

  • facilitating conversations regarding fat acceptance, trans inclusion, and intersectionality.

I am excited to help you use curiosity and radical acceptance as tools towards discovering your fullest potential!

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Personal Training

My guiding passion is to make elite, top-level coaching available to people who have historically not felt welcomed by the fitness industry, particularly queer and trans folks, fat folks, people of color, people who are facing economic challenges, folks who are 65 and older, survivors of cancer, people with disabilities, and people on the autism spectrum.

I offer in-person one-on-one and two-on-one coaching in Rochester, NY as well as online training and program development.


PubLic Speaking and education

Do you want your next conference, event, or in-house educational session to be unforgettable?

I facilitate diversity trainings and presentations, particularly in regards to areas of cissexism and sizism (i.e., trans inclusion and body-size diversity) as well as intersectional understandings of LGBTQ+ communities and their needs. I have presented at schools, universities, companies, and conferences across the United States.

I integrate old-time feats of strength (e.g.: bending steel, breaking chains, tearing decks of cards, etc.) into these trainings in order to illustrate key points and create an engaging experience.

All too many presentations regarding important aspects of equity work are reduced to rote learning; I offer something new that will leave attendees inspired to create change! I will work with you to develop a presentation that will educate and empower all attendees.