Group Movement Classes

All group movement class can be registered for online! All classes must be pre-paid either during registration or with the purchase of a class pass on the website. Positive Force Movement LLC. has a 24 hour cancellation policy. You are responsible for paying for all sessions/classes not cancelled within at least 24 hours.

$15 Drop In / $65 (5) Class Pass / $125 (10) Class Pass


Kickboxing with Christine

Thursdays 6:45pm, Saturdays 9:45am, Sundays 1:00pm

This is a Beginner to Intermediate Kickboxing class. We will work on cardio and strength endurance utilizing the traditional American Kickboxing 3 minute rounds. You will learn all of the basic punches, kicks and foot work you need to know to show that bag who is boss!! This class can be done from a seat position for accessibility.

BAMF Strength and Conditioning with Christine

Sunday 9am

This is an intermediate functional strength class that is designed to enhance your work with a personal trainer. This class focuses on all the basic movement patterns using all types of training methods!


Mindfulness and Movement with Lore

Tuesdays 4:30pm & Saturdays 8:15am

This class is appropriate for people of all levels, from beginner to elite. Each class will focus on either a movement pattern (push, pull, squat, hinge, core stability, core rotation, and locomotion), movement characteristic (flexibility, mobility, strength, conditioning, or agility), or body part. Students will alternate between exercises that challenge a given movement pattern, movement characteristic, or body part and different stretches, breath practices, and movement variations in order to leave each class with a deeper understanding of their unique body and its needs.

exploring strength.jpg

Exploring Strength with Lore

Wednesdays 7:30am

This is an intermediate strength and conditioning class that focuses on empowering the body through exploration of the fundamental movement patterns: push, pull, squat, hinge, core stability, core rotation, and locomotion. An emphasis will be placed on first moving well in a way that matches the needs of each student's body, and then building strength and conditioning on top of that foundation of quality movement. Tools used will include kettlebells, barbells, and body weight.


Yoga For Bigger Bodies

Tuesdays 6:00pm

Body Love Yoga creates a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive studio environment for yogis of every size, shape, age & ability. As a body positive yoga class all bodies are good no matter size or ability. With this, yoga pose options are offered for each pose, along with guided gratitude for the body that brings you along your journey every day. Classes will give you a chance to connect with your body with kindness. One of the goals of Body Love Yoga intends on offering yoga instruction for those who feel abandoned by the yoga community, and to be a place where students can bring their full selves, without closeting any part of their identity or experience that they don’t want to hide. We focus on breathing, mindfulness, and strength-building in an intentional, supportive, and body-positive environment.


Capoeira with Chris


The origin of capoeira is debated; some say it was developed in central Africa and migrated to Brazil with those captured and enslaved, others say it was developed IN Brazil by enslaved Africans. Either way, it is a martial art first practiced by Brazil’s enslaved, used to escape their chains and evade future capture as they lived free. Knowing that any subjugated person practicing a martial art would mean certain death, practitioners included elements of dance to disguise their movements. We don’t “spar” in capoeira; we play. We don’t have “opponents”; we have partners. Additionally, we sing and play music to drive and complement the games. Capoeira was illegal even after slavery’s abolition in 1888, punishable by death. It wasn’t until the early 20th Century that it became legal and the first academies opened publicly. Today, capoeira has spread to all continents except Antarctica, and it welcomes people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, and physical abilities.

No matter what your ability is, it is important to be comfortable while training capoeira. You will be stretching and bending in ways you didn’t realize you could, including going upside down and backwards. With that in mind, dress as comfortably as you see fit for inversions and stretches.

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All Levels Yoga Flow with Martissa


Blending multiple yoga disciplines to create a practice that balances active movement and deep muscle release. We will link physical poses and breath work to deepen the mind-body-spirit connection. This class is open to all levels and all students are encouraged to modify and expand as they see fit.