Where is Positive Force Movement?!

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Our new space is in the Blossom Business Center, 595 Blossom Road (14610). This is right near the intersection of Winton and Blossom, in between where the Winton Road Tops used to be and where Artisan Works is located, and the main gym space is in Suite 317-319

None of the places we looked at had perfect scores when it comes to accessibility, but we did select the location that enabled us to have the most options in regards to maximizing accessibility. As a result, I have included an attached drawing that shows the building, the available parking locations, and the different entrances into the building (which I've numbered; please note that they are not numbered on the building itself). The purpose of this email is not only to describe where we are located, but also to outline the accessibility options for getting to the space.

The Blossom Business Center has four main entrances, which I have numbered 1 through 4. Please note that none of these doors are actually numbered on the outside of the building; I only numbered them on the drawing for ease of reference.

Entrances 1 and 2 both have access to the largest, ADA-compliant elevator in the building, and entrance 2 is wheelchair accessible. As a result, this is the most accessible entrance in regards to avoiding stairs and being accessible for wheelchair users. However, it also involves a very long walk down the hallway to get to our space. For people who need the wheelchair-accessible elevator but who are not wheelchair users with their own chairs and/or who cannot walk far distances, we have acquired a wheelchair scooter and two rolling walkers; we are always more than willing to meet you at the elevator with the mobility tool of your choice.

There is a parking lot at the side of the building where Entrances 1 and 2 are located. However, during weekdays, it is largely used by the Child Care Council, Inc. There are accessible parking spaces that anyone with a plate/parking permit may use, and there will likely be spaces there through the evenings and on weekends; when possible, though, the parking lot across Blossom Road should be used by people for whom it is accessible.

Entrance 3 is the closest to the main parking lot, which is located across Blossom Road. This entrance offers both a stairwell with stairs to the third floor as well as an elevator; while this elevator works well, it is not accessible to wheelchair users due to its narrow door. This entrance option is excellent for people who are not wheelchair users who want to make use of an elevator while also cutting down on the distance of the walk down the hallway.

Entrance 4 is the closest to our gym space (the door itself say Recovery Coach: don't worry, it leads up to us, too!); however, it has two main downsides. The first is that there is not an elevator at this end of the building; the second is that it is further from the main parking lot than Entrance 3 is. We asked for and received a single parking space that will be reserved for people for whom the stairs are more accessible than the long walk down the hallway. Please feel free to use this space (it will be marked with a purple sign that says "Parking Only for Positive Force Movement) if this is true for you!

As for restrooms: we have changed the signs of three of the restrooms on the third floor to be All-Gender Restrooms: the two restrooms that are closest to Suite 317 (neither of which are accessible for wheelchair users) and the single-occupancy, ADA-compliant/wheelchair accessible restroom that is closest to the elevator by entrances 1 and 2. There are also several gendered restrooms (some that are accessible for wheelchair users, some that aren't) along the hallway.