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The Physical Is Political: The Radical Potential of Inclusiveness in Movement, Part 1

  • Hampshire College 893 West Street Northampton, MA (map)

(Time of Day TBD)

Have you ever felt as though your gender identity, sexual orientation, size, race, or disability prevented you from feeling comfortable in your body and/or in the gym? This common experience is not inevitable: there is an alternative! 

In a society in which health outcomes are all too often correlated with wealth and social privilege, allowing yourself to develop a healing and empowering relationship to movement is, indeed, an act of political and social resistance. 

This workshop will explore the importance of developing an inclusive and sustainable movement practice that is accessible to people of all genders, sizes, and abilities. Participants will learn about the role of physical empowerment as a catalyst for social and political transformation and participate in an activity that will enable them to create a plan for incorporating movement into their lives. Furthermore, all participants will have an opportunity to witness old-time feats of strength performed by the presenter, Lore McSpadden.